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WIP - APH Elementary App - Olivia by nadeshikofan WIP - APH Elementary App - Olivia by nadeshikofan
See? I've been working on stuff and I even changed Olivia a bit due to the change in AUs [Good thing Hollow Oni's a school AU, otherwise it'd take longer ahahaha...]
Just not hw because shit, I got a life block so sorry to English and I don't remember Chinese how to write whatever--
And some people thought I was messing around... <^<


I planned on coloring irl, but I messed up on Olivia's coloring because I didn't have the marker for skin. As a person from Portland, it was difficult to decide whether to make her hair seriously dark or just a normal shade [there's a lot of people with brown hair that I've met to be fairly honest]. I've also seen lots of people with blue eyes.

Ahhhh... you can see the stupid lines I made irl... well, I'll be honest, Olivia usually pulls all of her hair outta the way because she's in Cafeteria stuff--
Oh dear lord that anatomy and her legs are too long and, and... D:

Um, not gonna bother with shading in Sai. And I'm only gonna do a simple full body color of the character once, because, well, if I color both fullbody doodles, well, it'll take too long.
I still need to draw the twin OCs and I have roughly 2 days! [Timezones Aunt Mel, technically I'm a day behind you so I still have to wait until it's the 5th where I am I hope???] QAQ""

Also, I need to draw Olivia interacting with Maricela! And I finally have an idea too! [I haven't forgotten Maricela because she's my favorite PH OC!!! >.<""]
Olivia playing Slap Jack with Suunia. Aron's gotta watch out because Maricela's hunting the guy because of what he did--

Full Name: Olivia Sierra Rose

Nicknames: Usually goes by her first name, rarely goes by "Ollie" or "Oliver" [when hearing these nicknames she doesn't respond asap] 

Age: 13-14

Represents: Portland, OR [USA]

Subject: Cafeteria, Textiles

- Creating little dolls made from leftover fabric [technically she's recycling unusable fabric--]
- Pranks
- Card games [like SlapJack, damn that's a vicious game]
- Suunia [and, begrudgingly, Aron]
- Cherries and Roses~ ♥♥♥

- Losing
- Complications
- Loneliness [I feel like making a minicomic about this... <.<""]
- Competitions [she has no intentions on winning, but when she's in the game she plays to win]

- Creative
- Happy-Go-Lucky
- Intelligent
- Can hold herself back
- Honest and blunt

- Can seem Perverted at times
- Slight Temper
- Mischievous
- Overprotective
- Rebellious/Free-spirited

She acts like a tomboy.
She has an obsession to cherries.
Due to being honest and blunt, she would outright say if she finds someone adorable or not.
She's an open book.
She loves art [not painting or building] so when she sees something incredible like handiwork, drawings, etc, she becomes an instant fan after see roughly looking at details and such.
When Aron and her make a bet or have a prank competition, it usually causes trouble for several people [Aron somehow getting most blame towards him, often runs off]

.........Alright........ I admit... I ship her with Aron [Kullorsuaq, Greenland]... but I swear to you that as OCs alone I ship them, but if it's APH related I don't because they don't have relations that I'm aware of--//sobb
Despite the fact that she's bisexual, she's perfectly fine if you're against it as long as you don't insult.


Belgium/Emma - Generally, these two do get along on a daily basis.

Liechtenstein/Erica - Olivia's first impression of Erica: cute and adorable, like a doll. Olivia occasionally fawns over how adorable Lichtenstein is.

Taiwan/Mei - Olivia doesn't have a peculiar interest in fashion, like Mei does, but she does appreciate art [though she has no particular interest in painting and furniture].

Ukraine/Yekaterina - On a first impression, to be entirely honest, what caught Olivia's attention was her handiwork [Yekaterina was sitting down when Olivia for the first time walked past the Textile Room to her English class.] After the first five times of stopping by the Textile Room when she was still in the English class, only then did Olivia notice Yekaterina's chest [though she said nothing in regards to that and proceeded onto admiring the woman's chest and work, mainly the work of course].

Belgium/Emma - One time, Emma was making waffles, Olivia asked if she could have some as well. Olivia offered a cherry sauce to eat with the waffles. And so began a wondrous friendship. [//kicked]

France/Francis - Olivia does have an interest in French and it's culture that she does pick up a little bit of French here and there whenever the two talk time to time. Francis once asked if she and Aron were together to which she responded with a no. [For some odd reason, people love to assume that there's something going on between two people just because they're fairly close... <.<""]

Greece/Heracles - There is little interactions between the two, they are acquaintances at most. [Portland, Maine [ME] has a relation with Greece, not Portland, Oregon [OR]]

India/Rajan -  They occasionally talk with each other, they're probably friends [depending on Rajan's personality which I don't know much of].

Thailand/Somchai - These two do get along with each other fairly well that they could be friends. [I'm not completely familiar with his kind of personality ahahaha--]

Ukraine/Yekaterina - Olivia does find Yekaterina to be amazing, she sometimes look up to the older woman in terms of ability and personality. [Like that "omfg your my awesum sempai~ ♥ asdfghjkl;" minus the annoying part that comes with it and adding the actual decent spelling--]

Philippines/Maricela - Olivia finds it amusing as to why Maricela comes up to her and asks for Aron as if the Portlandia girl should know where he hides, which she does, but she feigns innocence. [Aron pranks many people, Maricela being one of his victims.] Olivia and Maricela might get along better when Aron grows out of his "rebellious phase" as his twin calls it. When Olivia isn't wearing her sweater, or jacket, and if Maricela or anyone else asks, she'd say it's too warm. [You'd be surprised how much people hear like, or act like they love, the cold.]

Greenland, Nuussuaq/Suunia Suersaq - Olivia's best friend and older sister of Aron. Suunia is probably the only one who doesn't scold Olivia for doing horrible pranks or neglecting school work, mainly due to the fact that Aron and Olivia occasionally act similar. Suunia cares a lot for the both of them. Suunia doesn't encourage nor scolds Olivia, she merely listens, because of this small difference, Suunia knows Olivia better than anyone while Olivia does too.

Greenland, Kullorsuaq/Aron Suersaq - Olivia's friend and "rival," Suunia's younger twin. Aron and Olivia could be considered friends, though they're more like playful rivals. These two often get into arguments, and only then Suunia would try to calmly stop them. When he pranks others, he often hides or wears a wig which makes him look like Suunia and for the lastly, he'd take off the sweater and jacket [they do wear normal white collar shirts underneath that sweater... right???] and when Maricela asks him why he's not wearing the coat and sweater, he'd say that it was too warm.

Greenland - She sees Greenland as Suunia and Aron's big sister figure so they could get along if she talks with Greenland for a while longer.

Canada/Matthew - She sees Matthew as an older brother figure so they would get along perfectly fine. She also loves the pancakes he can make plus cherry sauce? dammit Olivia you're making me hungry //sobb

America/Alfred - She gets along with him perfectly fine, but she would never see him first if she had any problems.

I'm sorry for getting all sleepy as I finish trying to type up Olivia's Relations... But I need to get some sleep and draw Suunia and Aron's app. I need to redesign them [their hairstyle] anyway so I'll try to finish that tomorrow. And I also need to doodle the interactions. Aunt Mel, it's fine that it's black and white as long as you can see the OC looks like and get a fullbody color, right??? <.<

OC (c) ~nadeshikofan [me, Chrissy~ c:]
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melondramatics Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
awww she's a cutie! <33 thanks a bunch for entering! :D
nadeshikofan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeahhhh.... about that....


there's been a change in plans due to being unable to have time to draw Maricela because of school--
melondramatics Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
yeah, sorry, the deadline has indeed rolled over. ^^;
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh, it looks really well and amazing! and oooh, Greenlandic cities. yay, Aputsiaq is having her brother and sister in this--.
nadeshikofan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks~ it was my first time trying to mess around with Sai a little in Winter eheh... QvQ
Too bad it ended up being a waste because school's taking too much of my time /////sobb
So sadly, Aputsiaq isn't going to see her siblings anytime soon unless I pay a visit to their account ahahaha--//kicked
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooh, I see!
and awww, too bad! it would of been great for you to enter thought. vuv;;
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