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I'm sorry if your a HetaliaXReader fan, but I accidentally added this to that group because I was actually taking a quiz about which Nordic I would be, and then I was being an idiot and didn't notice the difference between Journal entries and deviations....

I looked in the mirror,
Sorrow forever lingers to my soul...
I was crying my heart out...
Because I know I'll never look pretty to you.

I dyed my hair,
Changed my style,
But acted stubborn as hell,
and that still wasn't what you wanted...

I wore colored contacts,
I changed personalities,
I shopped like those girls,
I copied their style...

I'm nothing but an ugly liar,
I want you to accept me.
I changed a lot to see what'd fit,
But it seems that our love can't be...

Roses symbolize love,
But watch out for a painful thorn...
The rose is pretty,
But was pretty deadly...?

I watched you from the back seats,
I saw who you dated,
I admit it pains my heart...
So I changed myself so we can be acquainted.

You were Mr. Popular and I was Miss Nerd,
You were handsome as can be,
I was ugly for all to see.
But I knew we are meant to be!

I'll keep changing myself and you'll notice,
You'll begin to notice me.
We can start as friends but we will become much more!
I know it and it will come true!

It's Valentines and I made chocolate,
I smiled shyly and gave you it.
You just shrugged and threw it away,
Playing hard to get, huh?

I'll keep coming...
It's Christmas so let's go on a date,
Or we could go to Chrissy's X-mas party.
Under the mistletoe and we can kiss~! :squee:

Or wait for your birthday and I can give you a kiss,
Oh what should I wear..?
Something cute or something hot,
As long as you could smile for me.

Did you notice me?
Did you hear my secret?
Did you hear that I love you?
Do you have an answer?

I don't wanna hear a 'no',
Don't say anything please!
I want you to love me,
I changed styles and dyed my hair multiple times!

I need to know if it's fine to love you,
I want to hear you say "I love you too".
I want to know that your here for me.
Please tell me something already!

I... I wanted you to love me...
I know I did...
I didn't know you hated me,
I didn't see the look of disgust...

Please tell me this is a nightmare,
I don't want to listen to this...
I want to know if crying isn't a waste...
Please... please at least say we're friends...

"I hate you Violet,
Your a stalker or somethin',
You should just leave me alone,
Your just a stupid queen of the nerds."

That hurt... a lot...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
It hurts me because...
I loved you....

My heart is broken so please let me be,
Now I want to cry and scream:
"I don't want to be rejected!"
Rejection, my sweet nightmare.

Because of this I wanted you,
So I changed myself; I'm not a nerd.
I don't have a fake identity,
So I should now be free as a simple bird.

I'm wearing black dresses,
I'm no longer a stupid mess.
I let my hair down,
It's just long black hair.

I wear a black veil now,
So you won't judge my face.
I took the contacts off,
But you can't see my Violet eyes.

I'm wearing secret roller skates all along,
So I can just be myself and go crazy.
I hate falling in love because it's like zero,
It's the beginning and ending of everything.

I see you again but you think I'm new here.
You hit on me and I say screw yourself.
You blink and eyes widen in realization as you say my name.
"Yukina? I.. I couldn't recognize you!"

"It's Violet Rose now,"
I said and walked to him.
"Hey Yu-I mean, Violet," he grinned.
"Hi Shino," I said, feeling glad I wore a black veil.

My cheeks grew warm to this unfamiliar feeling,
I felt happy and excited, and embarrassed even.
What was this feeling...?
Was it guilt over my fake self?


It can't be guilt...
When your happy, excited, and embarrassed,
That's completely different... right?
So, what is this feeling...?
I was bored, so I decided to make a poem that tells a short story, completely different from An Unforeseen Setup: [link]

Oh yeah, sorry Hetalia fans! I accidentally added this to HetaliaXReader, but it was unintentional because I was making a whole bunch of mistakes....

So about the poem/short story:
At the beginning, Violet changed everything about herself so she could be with the guy she liked. But we all know that Violet's a stalker (in reality or fantasy... she also stalks Jeremy[Jay] and Melody[Rena] on their dates, and a whole other situations, but we all know that..) and apparently that guy was a playboy jerk (not Sean[Shino]) who hated the way Violet tried to get him to love her.
In the end, he decides to put an end to things and tell her how he thinks of her, harshly.
-After the line-
Violet goes back to her true self before she was known as a nerd( one of her fake personalities), meaning she became the Violet we all know, just... minus a shovel...
The reason why Violet moved on was because of Shino[Sean's OC], who has a small crush on her, but he's a kind playboy..
Then the guy Violet had a crush on was flirting with her but she basically told him to go screw himself while she went to Shino.

OC's used:
Shino [Sean's OC]
Yukina [Violet's OC]

Sorry if it confused you, but Violet had Yukina use her name, meaning Yukina is [OC]Violet's real name, so [OC]Violet uses her creators real name and I felt confused when saying that xD

About The Pictures:
So about the preview picture, I just put two pictures together from, meaning, I do not own them!
And if you want to see them yourself, I'm sorry but I don't remember the link...

So the girl on the left (blonde hair, blue-green eyes, light blue dress,) is suppose to represent the fake Violet who changed herself completely.

The girl on the right (black dress, gothic-like[I couldn't find a black veil for her..], black hair, violet eyes,) is suppose to represent the true Violet, meaning that this was what she looked like before and after changing herself completely.
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tigerlu72 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Professional Writer
This is great!!~ :D
nadeshikofan Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!:D
tigerlu72 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Professional Writer
Welcome! :)
TheEdgeOfTheSea Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, I think it's wonderful! I really like it :)
nadeshikofan Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D Thank you~!
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