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Digital Drawings
Maricela - Hollow Oni [EDIT - Uniform Update] by nadeshikofan
These drawings tend to be more time consuming but I will work do my best on it ^_^"

1 character is for 30 :points:
2 characters are 45 :points:
3 characters for 60 :points:
4 characters for 75 :points:
5 characters for 90 :points:

I will only accept 5 characters total per request. Please send a note to me requesting BEFORE sending the points. If you send the points to me and type your request in when you send the points, I will send the points back and decline your request if you do so.
OC: Charlotte Rosemary? by nadeshikofan
Kimiko Nakamura: Age 9 by nadeshikofan
Stress Doodle - Elementary AU: Aron and Suunia by nadeshikofan
HM: ToTT - Chibi Mikhail x Lillian by nadeshikofan
Chibi w/colour is 15 :points:
Chibi w/effect is 10-15 :points: [varies]
Chibi w/o colour is 10 :points:

+ another character would be 2 or 5 :points: [girls would be 2 :points:; boys would be a +5 :points:]

These chibi's are easier for me to shade btw... <.<
Although it would vary depending on the designs.
Specify if you want colored or effects!
Normal Drawings
Redesign: Valentine Milestone by nadeshikofan
Abigail Aani Niviarsiaq - Pirate AU by nadeshikofan
Crescent Moon: Mad Hatter - Rena Mayura by nadeshikofan
Crescent Moon: Cheshire Cat - Violet Rose by nadeshikofan
Etihw - Gray Garden FanArt by nadeshikofan
Adelaide [Alina] Riley by nadeshikofan
These are all non-coloured, just pencil & shading with a small dark effect to show the lining more clearly.
They now cost 15-20 :points:
BUT. If there's more then 1 character then it's a +5 :points: [2 charas = 20-25 :points: | 3 charas = 25-30 :points: | etc.] 
You must specify in the note you send to me whether or not you want a full-body drawing. 

Waist-up drawings are 10 :points: [solo chara only]
Tagged by my fabulous buddy :iconpurelylove:
Also I'm not gonna make questions and tag people simply because now I'm going to soon head off and go to my summer school =7="
Plus, I'm lazy--

            The Rules
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share  10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you.
4. Make up 10 questions for the people you tag.
5. You have to tag 10 people.

            10 Facts About Me
1. I sleep like a cat.
2. I love rabbits.
3. For now I can easily draw only girls in like less than 30 min... |D //proved it yesterday//
4. I find it difficult to draw guys.
5. I have weird and awkward sleeping times.
6. I'm finally a Junior //which now I'm 2 years away from graduating since junior year hasn't really started yet--//
7. I tend to unknowingly starve myself //when I notice I'm hungry I leave my room to get food within like 4-9 hours after I ate//
8. I gave myself 2 chibi mascots, one named Nadeshiko who is timid and nice and stuff with longer hair while Chrissy's the energetic derp with shorter hair :iconmingplz:
9. I have an unhealthy obsession of staying in my room every single day and hour possible |D
10. My IQ is somewhere around 125-140?? Idk, all I know is that it's past 120's... |D

1. What is your favourite food?
Steak (or any type of meat)
Corn; Cherries...
Too many food to pick from... |D

2. Do you have any pets?
No, but I used to... when I was in 5th grade, I had 3 baby turtles and I loved them <33
We named one of them Sheila because I thought she was a girl. We basically named her after a Tank in Red Vs. Blue created by RoosterTeeth) although looking back, I'm not so sure if that turtle was a girl... but then again, after my dad released the turtles back to nature months after (my turtles hibernating around winter (Dec-Feb) he basically released them during Spring. Without me knowing until I got home. Rude, right? D:
So yeah, anyways, we will never know if Sheila was a girl or a boy.

Other then that, we used to have a dog before I started school. Sadly it was named Lucky... 
And sadly he was also put down.
So yeah... not very many memories of the cute guy. Heck, I'm surprised I got along great with a dog because I'm terrified of dogs or cats going near me or touching me. Jeez, I think I wasn't really afraid of anything but bugs and gross things as a kid...

3. What’s your idea of a perfect summer?
Hanging out with my friends, watching movies with them.
Watching YouTube videos at home and maybe record some videos if I ever get a mic. Also reading and typing up stories.
Summer school is also a partially nice addition to this, after getting an awesome teacher and sociable (but now unsociable) classmates (due to now being the 2nd term of summer school).

4. What’s the furthest place you've been away on holiday from where you live?
I went to New Jersey to visit my older cousins there once in summer when I was younger.
Now, the farthest would be outside of Portland, OR, like Vancouver or California. Yeah, I'd honestly love to see my fave cousin in California~

5. Siberian winter or Sahara desert?
Surprisingly, I'd pick the desert if I had to choose. I'm used to being a little dehydrated and I always wear shorts and t-shirts.
Although tbh I love winter more...

6. Do you consider yourself as someone who would/is pursuing a Ph.D.?
Honestly, I don't. I don't think I would honestly go to college for a Ph.D. Heck, I don't even know why I would be going to college. All I would want to do is become an author or something.

7. I can’t think of anythiiiiiiiiiiing.
No worries, that's how I'm like all the time. Not thinking. |D

8. No food for a day or no internet for a day?
No food. The internet is too precious for me to give up, anyways, I can go with over 12 hours of no eating when I'm on my laptop.

9. Favourite ice cream flavour~?
Mint (but not the chocolate because I hate dark chocolate)
Cookies & Creme

10. For summer; short shorts or short skirts/dresses?
Staying inside I would always where short shorts. I also don't own any short skirts aside for one lmao... xD

Although if I'm outside of my house I would still be wearing my regular jeans... or maybe a skirt... really depends tbh.
Hey everyone~ >7<

It's been a while eheh... =7=""

I'm still on a partial hiatus, but now I'm fine enough to get online time to time.

If anything, I'll only post stuff but I won't respond to comments/notes/etc. unless it has something important in them [example: commissions and etc.]

Love ya guys~
:bulletred: Chrissy

Note: I'm actually doing awesome at summer school! I think I'm also unknowingly competing in terms of grades with my buddy since he's gotten better grades in some stuff and vice versa but we both have the exact same grade (89. something--//forgot what the decimal was ahahahahaaa) lololol |D

Hello everyone, Melody here~

And you know what that means, either I'm here to talk about Chrissy, or something else... =7=""
To shorten it thankfully I left a Facebook post and decided to copy and paste it since I have no need to list details.

Of course, DeviantART and FB are two different things for me, because on DA and I share the account with Chrissy, on FB we don't usually share the account.

What I posted on FB (minus the unneeded info represented with: - ):

"Hello everyone! Alene here~

I have permission to use Chrissy's account (and because I don't know any of Chrissy's friends and she says she's usually on this account so... yeah.)


Ok, pushing everything aside, I'm only here to say that Chrissy will be unable to go online due to personal circumstances. Originally it was going to only be until the end of June because she needed to get used to summer school, but then things popped up. She has no idea how long it'd take until this issue is resolved.

That issue is only half the reason why she'll be spending less time with her online buddies. As a friend, I have no say in informing others about what's going on in her life nor can I disclose any personal information about her.

Until this issue is resolved, I also won't be online that much due to work and helping Chrissy, however if anyone wishes to talk about it, well, Chrissy's fairly open about herself so if she decides to, she'll make a huge post like usual.



If you have a DeviantART account, I'll be managing Chrissy's account [nadeshikofan] while she's gone.
For the fanfics will be on hold (though I doubt anyone on here is following that account...)
Quotev is barely being taken care of even if Chrissy was on often so and DevART would be the only means of contact, and partially FB."

And that's all. Long story short, this is to inform people that Chrissy is going on hiatus for personal reasons and so am I (although even if I'm managing it, I'm not really doing anything on this account).

:bulletblue: Melody~

  • Mood: Alarmed
  • Listening to: 800 - JubyPhonic:
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Junk Food
  • Drinking: Nothing
I just wanted to see how much I've changed |D

[/] You don't like public speaking.
[x] You find it hard to talk to strangers.
[/] You don't like to look people in the eye.
[ ] You hate using public restrooms.
[x] You hate to go shopping alone.

[/] Being introduced to new people makes you nervous.
[ ] When you're in a group of people, it's difficult to think of what to say.
[/] You have a lot of trouble talking to the opposite sex.
[x] You hate to be teased.
[/] You hate answering the door.
TOTAL: 5.5

[ ] You can't stand people watching you.
[/] One on one conversation makes you nervous.
[/] You don't like to ask people for help.
[ ] You hate to read out loud. [Meh :shrug:]
[/] you don't like answering questions.
TOTAL: 6.5

[ ] You dread ordering food at restaurants. [I never order so idk... but for fast food places, not really? |DD]
[x] You are uncomfortable at parties, unless you know everyone well.
[/] You don't like to talk, because you're afraid of being embarrassed by what you say.
[ ] You wish you were more outgoing.
[/] You hate being in the center of any room.
TOTAL: 8.5

[/] You don't know how to react to compliments.
[/] You prefer reading, writing, or listening to music than being around too many people.
[ ] You blush easily. [Honestly I'm not sure if I visibly blush... although I'm sure it's only with the people I fell in love with]
[x] You spend a lot of time in your room.
[ ] you don't like talking about personal things with people you don't know very well. [I'm open about that stuff tbh... xD]
TOTAL: 10.5

Overall total: 10.5

Add all the x's and multiply by 4

Well this is progress...
This year, I'm 42% Shy compared to last year [8/15/13] |D

I'm 88% Shy |DHOW SHY ARE YOU?
[/] You don't like public speaking. [Well, I sometimes see it as "acting practice" so not in particular, only thing to public speaking I do is doing a book speech .3.]
[x] You find it hard to talk to strangers. [Yup, unless it's a friend introducing thing, but I always find it difficult even if I don't look it |D]
[x] You don't like to look people in the eye. [All the time. Friends included.]
[x] You hate using public restrooms. [I'd rather not listen to girls talking about stuff in the school restrooms =7="]
[x] You hate to go shopping alone. [I'd always end up in the bookstore if I'm by myself eheh... so nothing ever gets done]
TOTAL: 4.5
[x] Being introduced to new people makes you nervous. [Of course, but like I said I always find it nerve wreaking and difficult, regardless of how I appear to be =7="]
[x] When you're in a group of people, it's difficult to think of what to say 
[x] Yo

  • Mood: Alarmed
  • Listening to: 800 - JubyPhonic:
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Junk Food
  • Drinking: Nothing


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I suggest going to :icondahub: for :points:~
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