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Maricela - Hollow Oni [EDIT - Uniform Update] by nadeshikofan
These drawings tend to be more time consuming but I will work do my best on it ^_^"

1 character is for 20 :points:
2 characters are 30 :points:
3 characters for 40 :points:
4 characters for 50 :points:
5 characters for 60 :points:

I will only accept 5 characters total per request. Please send a note to me requesting BEFORE sending the points. If you send the points to me and type your request in when you send the points, I will send the points back and decline your request if you do so.
OC: Charlotte Rosemary? by nadeshikofan
Kimiko Nakamura: Age 9 by nadeshikofan
Stress Doodle - Elementary AU: Aron and Suunia by nadeshikofan
HM: ToTT - Chibi Mikhail x Lillian by nadeshikofan
Chibi w/colour is 15 :points:
Chibi w/effect is 10-15 :points: [varies]
Chibi w/o colour is 10 :points:

+ another character would be 2 or 5 :points: [girls would be 2 :points:; boys would be a +5 :points:]

These chibi's are easier for me to shade btw... <.<
Although it would vary depending on the designs.
Specify if you want colored or effects!
Normal - Traditional
Abigail Aani Niviarsiaq - Pirate AU by nadeshikofan
Crescent Moon: Mad Hatter - Rena Mayura by nadeshikofan
Crescent Moon: Cheshire Cat - Violet Rose by nadeshikofan
Etihw - Gray Garden FanArt by nadeshikofan
Adelaide [Alina] Riley by nadeshikofan
These are all non-coloured, just pencil & shading with a small dark effect to show the lining more clearly.
They now cost 10 individually :points:
BUT. If there's more then 1 character then it's a +10 :points: [2 charas = 20 :points: | 3 charas = 30 :points: | etc.] 
You must specify in the note you send to me whether or not you want a full-body drawing. 

Waist-up drawings are 10 :points: [solo chara only]


nadeshikofan has started a donation pool!
27 / 1,000
I've decided to start over and try again with the points shizz! ^^


I'm saving points solely for the purpose of commissioning people to draw stuff for my OCs, other than that, I don't give them away without a reason.
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I am willing to lower the price since my art isn't that great c:
Friends are people on my Friend's List-Thing

Commission Info is above the Donation Widget...

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YEAH. 28th, this month on Thursday in PST because a ton of you people i'm watching are almost half a day or an entire day ahead of me. I'm not gonna be home until possibly the 31st or even AUGUST 1ST WHICH IS THE DAY BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS YAY???

not yay
nope nope nope
not at all
who the heck does last minute vacations
i wouldnt
apparently my mom & her side of the family would
this honestly couldnt happen after i got outta summer school??

I'll be going to California solely for the purpose of Disneyland. I'm not going to see my most favorite cousin, and I will no doubt have a dead battery on both of my phones [okay and dead conditions] even if it takes only 1 day to drive there. It's unlikely that I would get the chance to work on anything, especially on my laptop since the battery dies once every 4 hours if I don't bother recharging it.

So long story short: Not gonna be online for probably a couple of hours starting the day after tomorrow. Don't expect a response between a day or 3, but I might just be exaggerating.
Read the title, self-explanatory.

I now realize why people want to ship Nezumi x Shion and why No.6 is amazing.

I should actually go to sleep now, it's almost 4 am...
I'm keeping it in because I don't want to annoy the people who volunteered their OCs.

Click Here to get sent to the Hollow Oni Master Post! It's currently a WIP!

Warning: Beware of potential spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Shout Out: to the awesome people who volunteered their OCs! If your OC in the link doesn't have much info, please send a note! c:
KittyTheMangaMaker [I can't believe I didn't even notice that she deactivated D:]
Ju-chan09 / mandababe12 [They both have ownership of Ju-chan09's male Salzberg OC as I was informed]
SaeLinLee / p-retending [:dev-retending: is the RP Account]

For those interested in getting their OC involved or wish to elaborate on their OC and haven't done so:

Full Name: [Your OC, of course.]
Nickname: [Optional]
Age: [Just their age as appearance-wise!]
Gender: [Female, Male, or Unknown.]
Appearance: [Please give me a link to a full-body color reference]
Occupation: [Student? Teacher? Do they also have a job?]
Species: [If you don't answer this, they'll automatically be humans! I'd like to know if you want them to be demons, angels, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, hybrids of etc., and etc!]
Personality: [Are they mischievous? Kind?]
Family: [Do they have any issues with their family???]
Other: [Anything you would like for me to know?]
School: [HHS (the main high school) or a different academy? There's W. Academy too. HHS is just the Central High School. You can also just say Public School]
Weapon of Choice? [This might be needed. If you don't answer this and I need it, I'll just pick whatever weapon.]
What's Their Backstory? [Were they a noble? Did they get found out and saved? Tell me about their life as what they were before being saved and I'll get the story made!]

Hollow Oni Summary:
HHS, the most prestigious school there is, is in a time of a calming peace long on Hollow's 20 year war anniversary. Just as the yearly festivals is about to begin, students start to go missing. A mansion that's near the campus, closed off to all local residents and even the students, is suspected to have a horrific tale.
She knows when you've entered her domain. She hates trespassers and murders many... but what does she do to those trapped inside?

Hollow Oni is the 6th story in my original series. Curse of the Music Room, however, is the 7th one. There will be previews of course, however I'd like to think ahead about the Cursed Music Room before introducing the original original characters of this series!

Curse of the Music Room Preview:
She was murdered. Yukino Takahashi was killed in cold blood while others were spared from death... it was so sudden and no one knew why. A group of students had all escaped death and all that was left at the scene of the crime were vampire bite marks and HHS students being knocked out. Im Yong Soo is a potential witness to Takahashi's death. In an instant he had gained Allison S. Vyce's attention in regards to this incident. However, Allison is not a target.

Im Yong Soo lost his memory soon after questioning him about the incident. So many questions unanswered because he can't remember at this moment; and due to his odd claims, I invited him to the unofficial Mystery Club. He is an important victim who had absolutely no relations to this. Naida Horvat claims to have seen him at the time of the incident, yet she was unaware of who pushed him out the window. Aria Nightwalker saved him by turning the human into a human-turned vampire.

The next victim is Charlotte Desrosiers. Private Investigator and part of the school's newspapers. She was found dead in the Vampire Records room in the basement, killed with a blunt object to the head; probably in the middle of night, Mai says. Char's roommate, Adrienne Cascade, along with her cousin Naida, believed that was the killer as did Char before she died.

Kristen Crystal Clear had her eye stabbed while patrolling school grounds, being a young inexperienced hybrid she had yet to fully develope her abilities and lost her eye. Her twin brother Christopher Garnett Clear is now by her side as often as he could be. They don't particularly trust anyone anymore. Even Sarasa has been forgetting about her.

Hien Hoa Le was witness to Claire getting attacked. The killer is still on the loose and all we know is that it's a man with black hair with red eyes belonging to the vampires or demons. We don't know who suits that description other than Scott Lionheart and a few others. Scott has especially been take under suspicion and is under constant supervision. His fraternal twin sister Mandy has found this to be crazy.

We can't trust each other.
It's all a game of a blind cat and mouse.
A game of chess with an unknown player against you.
Who is starting this petty murder spree against everyone who remembers?

Forget; Forget.

Just forget the melody she once played in our special place.
The keys are dusty and old; the strings snapped.
The music room is empty. Dull. Cold.
Why are we still in this room?

Stop moping. She still lives. She's still close. Move on.

"[Red snow] is beautiful... I love it. It reminds me of you. Like a normal girl, you're happy now."

I'm sorry but I can't forget.

"You're acting strange," she says with a blind man's eye.

Dull eyes as dark as the ocean's abyss.
When have they begun to shine so bright?


I'm happy.

"You're crying."

Please be happy my beloved.

"I'm just tired."

I've lived a good life.

I love you.
Tagged by my fabulous buddy :iconpurelylove:
Also I'm not gonna make questions and tag people simply because now I'm going to soon head off and go to my summer school =7="
Plus, I'm lazy--

            The Rules
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share  10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you.
4. Make up 10 questions for the people you tag.
5. You have to tag 10 people.

            10 Facts About Me
1. I sleep like a cat.
2. I love rabbits.
3. For now I can easily draw only girls in like less than 30 min... |D //proved it yesterday//
4. I find it difficult to draw guys.
5. I have weird and awkward sleeping times.
6. I'm finally a Junior //which now I'm 2 years away from graduating since junior year hasn't really started yet--//
7. I tend to unknowingly starve myself //when I notice I'm hungry I leave my room to get food within like 4-9 hours after I ate//
8. I gave myself 2 chibi mascots, one named Nadeshiko who is timid and nice and stuff with longer hair while Chrissy's the energetic derp with shorter hair :iconmingplz:
9. I have an unhealthy obsession of staying in my room every single day and hour possible |D
10. My IQ is somewhere around 125-140?? Idk, all I know is that it's past 120's... |D

1. What is your favourite food?
Steak (or any type of meat)
Corn; Cherries...
Too many food to pick from... |D

2. Do you have any pets?
No, but I used to... when I was in 5th grade, I had 3 baby turtles and I loved them <33
We named one of them Sheila because I thought she was a girl. We basically named her after a Tank in Red Vs. Blue created by RoosterTeeth) although looking back, I'm not so sure if that turtle was a girl... but then again, after my dad released the turtles back to nature months after (my turtles hibernating around winter (Dec-Feb) he basically released them during Spring. Without me knowing until I got home. Rude, right? D:
So yeah, anyways, we will never know if Sheila was a girl or a boy.

Other then that, we used to have a dog before I started school. Sadly it was named Lucky... 
And sadly he was also put down.
So yeah... not very many memories of the cute guy. Heck, I'm surprised I got along great with a dog because I'm terrified of dogs or cats going near me or touching me. Jeez, I think I wasn't really afraid of anything but bugs and gross things as a kid...

3. What’s your idea of a perfect summer?
Hanging out with my friends, watching movies with them.
Watching YouTube videos at home and maybe record some videos if I ever get a mic. Also reading and typing up stories.
Summer school is also a partially nice addition to this, after getting an awesome teacher and sociable (but now unsociable) classmates (due to now being the 2nd term of summer school).

4. What’s the furthest place you've been away on holiday from where you live?
I went to New Jersey to visit my older cousins there once in summer when I was younger.
Now, the farthest would be outside of Portland, OR, like Vancouver or California. Yeah, I'd honestly love to see my fave cousin in California~

5. Siberian winter or Sahara desert?
Surprisingly, I'd pick the desert if I had to choose. I'm used to being a little dehydrated and I always wear shorts and t-shirts.
Although tbh I love winter more...

6. Do you consider yourself as someone who would/is pursuing a Ph.D.?
Honestly, I don't. I don't think I would honestly go to college for a Ph.D. Heck, I don't even know why I would be going to college. All I would want to do is become an author or something.

7. I can’t think of anythiiiiiiiiiiing.
No worries, that's how I'm like all the time. Not thinking. |D

8. No food for a day or no internet for a day?
No food. The internet is too precious for me to give up, anyways, I can go with over 12 hours of no eating when I'm on my laptop.

9. Favourite ice cream flavour~?
Mint (but not the chocolate because I hate dark chocolate)
Cookies & Creme

10. For summer; short shorts or short skirts/dresses?
Staying inside I would always where short shorts. I also don't own any short skirts aside for one lmao... xD

Although if I'm outside of my house I would still be wearing my regular jeans... or maybe a skirt... really depends tbh.


That Girl Looking For OC's--
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I suggest going to :icondahub: for :points:~
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These are also entries that I update daily or time to time. Or monthly...]

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